Reduce your risk against allergens, germs, and odors

When you must lower your full face mask, Nose Guard Mask continues inhalation protection. This is perfect for eating out or grabbing drinks. Masks are used for respiratory protection of certain germs, allergens, and odors.

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  • Great for children

    • Adjustable ear loops for excellent snug fit
    • When children are eating in school without 6 feet of distance
    • When children need to speak, recite, or sing in school without their mouths uncovered

  • Excellent mask for double masking

    • Protects the susceptible nasal mucosa from SNEEZE AND SALIVA droplets that carry germs,
    • Also, less eyelid information (Stys) ,acne on face that full double mask causes

  • Nose guard mask

    • Nose protection when you Dine, the only way to keep the sneeze and the saliva droplets from entering your nose
    • Gives added protection to the vaccinated when Eating and Drinking at the table less than 6 feet Protection at the dental office, i.e., Teeth cleaning

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