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Nose Guard Mask

Nose Guard Mask (20 masks per pack)

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🏷DISCOUNT - 3 packs for $100.

Nose Guard Mask gives you protection even when your full mask is down. It's great for eating and drinking, especially on airplanes. Also great for double masking for additional protection 


😷 Contains 20 Nose Guard Masks.

  • Great for children

    • Adjustable ear loops for excellent snug fit
    • When children are eating in school without 6 feet of distance
    • When children need to speak, recite, or sing in school without their mouths uncovered

  • Excellent mask for double masking

    • Protects the susceptible nasal mucosa from SNEEZE AND SALIVA droplets that carry germs,
    • Also, less eyelid information (Stys), acne on face that full double mask causes

  • Nose guard mask

    • Nose protection when you Dine, the only way to keep the sneeze and the saliva droplets from entering your nose
    • Gives added protection to the vaccinated when Eating and Drinking at the table less than 6 feet Protection at the dental office, i.e., Teeth cleaning